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Discount Marine Airfares

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Travel consultants specializing in flexible, discounted marine airfares for yacht crew and cruise ship personnel going to/from a vessel.

Convenience - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with offices in 30 cities globally.
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Eligibility for marine fares - yachting and cruise ship personnel:

  • Captains and Crew onboard private and charter vessels
  • Captains and crew between jobs in possession of a seaman's book
  • Technicians, contractors, surveyors, engineers assigned to service the vessel (At sea or dry dock)
  • Workers involved with the maintenance or new build of a private vessel
  • Deck & Engine Able Bodied Seaman
  • Onboard food service including cooks, waiters, stewards
  • Cruise staff
  • Onboard concessionaires - casino, spa, hairdresser etc.
  • Temporary onboard workers such as: New builds, technicians, surveyors and other workers whether sailing with the vessel, or while the vessel is in port/dry-dock.

Vessel must be named before tickets can be issued and Seven Seas Account referenced.

Documentation Required to Use Contract Fares:

  • Crewmembers travelling with a GRIFFIN marine/seaman ticket must be travelling to/from the vessel and should carry a letter of employment from the vessel, crew manifest, and/or seaman's book.
  • Documentation letter on company letterhead stating the following:
    • Passenger's name
    • Company
    • Position/Title
    • Flight Number/Date, routing
    • Ship Name/Registry, Rig, Port or Marina

Failure to produce proper documentation may result in denied boarding by the airline.